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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Heart A Day - St. Jude's Children's Hospital Charity

An adult and child heart snuggled up together :) Hand painted on a river rock.
The type reads: My everything. I will always love you.

SOLD! Thanks, that's $8.00 more for St. Jude Children's hospital!

So I've decided to create a Heart every day, in all sorts of mediums. Why? Well, I was inspired by a culmination of three things:

1. I miss my niece Maggie. She and my sister moved away and I feel shattered. It made me think about all the parents out there who have sick children and how horrible it must be to watch your child suffer and maybe die. That's a loss I don't even want to imagine.

2. I saw a blog where a guy was doing a Skull a Day. Search, you'll find him, it's pretty cool. While I'm definitely attracted to the idea of doing something like that for the sake of fostering creativity, it seemed like it could have become a more powerful thing somehow.

3. If you don't already know, St. Jude's Children's Hospital never turns away a child because of money. They help sick kids get better, they help families deal with the pain everyone must go through. I always wanted to make a donation, but never had the extra money.

So, these three thoughts came together and I was inspired! Why not create art and sell it, donating all proceeds to St. Jude's? That's what I decided to do. Hopefully, with everyone's help, we can send them a nice check.


Every day I will post an item for sale here. If you're interested, contact me at and indicate which "Day" item you'd like. When your payment clears paypal, it's yours! First come, first served. No holds.

Every three months I will post an itemized list of what sold and how much is being donated to St. Jude's!

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